Why am I done with JOANN’s?

It hurts my heart to write this. Why am I done shopping at Joann’s? Let me begin with what’s been happening on a regular basis. In my account and the separate account I have for my other business also. As I sit at home awaiting my packages, I start looking for tracking numbers only to find that the orders are canceled….repeatedly. Not one time has customer service actually helped me. I went into our local store and purchased hundreds of dollars in supplies on Saturday. I was looking at some of the things I had ordered online while in the store. I was very much looking forward to the incredible deals I had received. I had some orders awaiting this orders arrival in order to finish and fill. I look into the order last night and see it had been canceled. Not surprised, but still very upset, I wait until this morning to actually speak to a human. What follows is just awful. I’m not sure how I kept my composure and calm throughout. I call and get told that every single item in my order was out of stock. EVERY single item…40+ items? She insisted they were. I asked to speak to a supervisor. After a 15+ minute wait I finally get Vanessa on the line. This turns out to be one of the most frustrating conversations I’ve ever had. She tells me that they were unable to fulfill the entire order at one warehouse. So they CANCELED the entire order. No phone call, email, text, or notification from the app. She goes on to tell me that what I should do next time is break my orders up into ie. two twenty items orders rather than one forty item order. I asked her what happened with my two and three item orders that are continuously canceled? She said she has no way of looking at those, so she can’t tell me why they were canceled. She offers to transfer me to the orders department and let them break my orders up into two separate orders. I tell her the prices are no longer valid for what they were last week. She said they will honor those prices and give me free shipping. I tell her that I already had free shipping, and asked if she would be giving me any other discount for all of the troubles or expedited shipping? She said I already used a coupon on the order, so there is nothing she can offer. After asking if I can get a superior in the company to contact me, I get told maybe. I tell her that we spend thousands and thousands a year in supplies. That I run a business and have many followers that I will share these repeated issues with. The last thing I want is to promote a company that doesn’t take care of their customers. I will always be the first person to promote and share my amazing experiences of a company. I will not sit back and allow all of my friends, family, and customers to be done the way I have been repeatedly with any company. I finally get transferred and put on hold for another 20 minutes. The order finally gets split into two and placed. He tells me the processing will be six to eight days. This is causing me to lose money. It’s just not right to treat customers like this. Still..the story is not over. I will be back to share more once I receive my final package.

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